Hello People,

My name is Tina. I have been writing blogs since a long time for a company I worked for and have always thought of starting my own page since then.

So here I am!! Finally giving this a start and penning down MY first blog for all my friends and readers. Let me begin by telling you something about myself….

An Educationist, Leader, Teacher and Trainer by profession, I have studied English Literature and have a certification as an Educator from the Harvard School. A wife to a wonderful husband, the youngest (read pampered ;)) amongst three siblings and a mother of three children. I have been an educator teaching children for the longest time that I can remember, moving on to managing centres, provide support and train teachers.

My interests lie in being creative with whichever object I come across, for instance I love giving a new twist to a t-shirt (that one t-shirt which you look at every day and just don’t feel like wearing it anymore) and an oversized shirt into a whole NEW DRESS!! Or an old pair of my daughter’s canvas shoes (in great condition btw, she’s just bored of their look) into a new good looking pair by adding some little knick knacks to it. Or then it could even be inventing my own recipe keeping in mind the likes of my family and in an effort to feed them some healthy dessert…. (well, I know healthy and dessert are a tough pair together and not forgetting I’m still a mom!! ;))

In addition to all of the above, I also deeply care about our planet. Conservation of wild species and preserving our environment for our future generations….. else our children will have to learn about wild animals digitally or through books as there won’t be any alive for them to witness.

So basically I have these crazy ideas and things I like to recycle in every pore of my body waiting to unleash itself……..

I welcome you to join my world of craziness and new ideas. Do like my page if you like what you see and read, and would like to continue our journey together.












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