Buzzards Day

Today is celebrated as Buzzards Day, especially in some parts of the US. They are one of the most common and widespread birds of prey. The number of buzzards have increased and are thought to be as high as 60,000 pairs throughout the UK, making them the most prevalent bird of prey in the UK.



Let’s bust a few myths about this bird today. Buzzards are large hawk-like birds of prey with broad wings often seen circling the skies, for example vultures (turkey vultures). Nearly a century back these birds were considered as a signal of rebirth (as opposed to death) of the once living creature who has now met with their demise. For some it is simply a celebration of the return of this graceful, winged creature to spring.


They usually live in hilly areas, especially barren open ground, but have recently started to inhabit lowland farm areas. They can grow up to 50cm long with a wingspan of 137cm and their wings are broad and rounded at the ends. They vary in color but are commonly in shades of brown with a white colored V shaped breast.


They are daytime hunters, sometimes seen flying in pairs but usually seen hunting alone. When a prey is spotted, it quickly scoops down and catches its prey. They hunt smaller mammals and also eat dead animals called as “carrion” found in their territory. This has led them to be unfairly blamed by the farmers and some other experts.


Watch the buzzard hunting a rabbit in the video below:





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