7 Reasons To Buy A Book


Today’s World is all Digital. We are so accustomed to this digital platform which has made our life easier, quicker, given us exposure about the happenings of the world, and made all of that available at a click of a button. But it also brings with it more and more dependence on technology, confusion and demands on keeping up with the latest taking us further from real people, people who are our family and friends. Books however remain a vital part of our growing up and they hold a special place in our lives. And today being “Buy a Book Day”, I would like to state a few of the many positives of books in our lives.


You always have a friend along in the face of a book, you are never ever alone. I’m sure we have all heard of these tag lines, ‘A book is your best friend’, ‘When you open a book, you open a whole new world’, ‘Books are a sea of knowledge’, ‘Books will exist till the end of this world’ and many more such lines.


Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of reading a book,


  • Books help your understanding of things and help find the truth.
  • Books help you to think, sharpens and improves your memory.
  • Good books give us encouragement and improve our standard of living.
  • Books expose you to many more ideas and thoughts. New information, newer ways of solving problems, newer ways to achieve a goal, new hobbies and much more.
  • Books reduce stress by calming the muscles and slowing the heart rate.
  • Books help you learn more and work on yourself and make changes for improvement.
  • The last but not the least, books provide entertainment value while developing your life skills.


So friends, head to your favorite book store, buy yourself a book (or books!) and be a part of saving the book reading practice.

Have a wonderful weekend reading!


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