Should Technology be allowed to interfere with Nature?

Technology is great! It is an element of progression. Where there are humans there is man- made technology. Acceptance to technology is vital to an individual’s growth, his thinking, his mind set towards himself and the outer World he exists in.

We have left a mark on just about everything using technology. We can cut through mountains, cut through the earth and go deeper into the sea. We cannot use a cell phone for more than two months as newer technology is introduced which makes all the older ones out- dated. Such is the power of technology.

Where there is technology there is growth is what we so commonly read about. However, with technology come many demons who are taking over nature and destroying what we are all meant to live in and protect. Our planet. Our Environment. Our Animals. Our Ecosystem.

With Technology comes Deforestation, Water Pollution, Industrial Waste, Extinction of Species, Global Warming, Increase in the number of deaths due to harmful emissions, Decline in human relationships and maybe a few more things.


Image by Ewelina Skowronska, taken from the report ‘The Future Makers Today‘ 

The man-made (Technology) is interfering more and more with the natural-born (Nature). But today the age-old conflict of man versus nature is taking on a different form.

With the advancement of technology with each passing day, we are moving further away from nature. Needless to say nature is slowly and steadily wilting away under the influence of technology. It is now up to us to save our planet, our environment and all the living species on this soil.

Technology provokes several questions related to our very own existence on various levels. The one question which is at the core is, where do you stand in this fight of Technology vs Nature?

Are you willing to take a stand, take responsibility in protecting your planet, your ecosystems and species, and create awareness in our future generations to come?

I am leaving you with this article as food for thought…. do share your views with me in the comment section.




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