Hummus with Mushrooms


Hi folks, so here is something new I tried, which has become an absolute favorite now. Well, I ate this at a small time café in my city however I gave the mushroom mixture a bit of my personal touch. This can be made as an evening snack or as a complete meal in itself, which is what I did along with some toss salad.

Let us begin….,


Spiced Mushrooms

Mushrooms chopped into medium pieces

Mixed herbs as per taste (chilli flakes, oregano, parsley)

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste

Dry Mango powder, a pinch

Fresh Garlic, 5-6 cloves finely chopped

Sesame seeds, a teaspoon

Sunflower seeds, a teaspoon

Olive oil, a teaspoon



Chickpeas, soaked overnight and boiled with a little salt

Fresh Garlic, 3-4 cloves

Fresh Ginger, a teaspoon grated or paste

Olive oil, about 2 tablespoons

Tahini sauce, about 2 tablespoons

Salt, incase more is needed

Lemon juice, a little bit

Some olives on the side

A loaf of Herbed Bread or simply Whole Grain Bread.



Most us know how hummus is prepared. So go ahead and make it and keep it aside. And for those who don’t, here we go…….

Put boiled chickpeas with very little of its water in a blender, add garlic cloves, grated ginger and tahini sauce to it and blend (we add the tahini sauce at this stage to make sure it mixes well). Keep adding water as required if it is too thick, keep blending it till you get a smooth paste and maintain a thick consistency. Add some olive oil to it and mix well. Viola, the hummus is ready!


Now for the spiced mushroom, as a little oil in a pan on medium flame, add the sesame seeds, chopped garlic and all the other spices along with the mushrooms and sauté well till the water evaporates and the mixture is dry. Garnish it with fresh parsley.


Slice the herbed bread, take a slice, toast it and spread a generous layer of hummus on top, like you would spread peanut butter. Add some mushrooms over the hummus, place some olives on the side along with your favorite toss salad and your all set to devour your yummy meal!

For the snack option you can use any small square or round savory biscuits and top it with the rest. Make sure you prep these just before serving to avoid losing the crispiness of the biscuits.

Be sure to let me know your feedback or suggestions if any in the comments. See you soon…















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