International Tiger Day


29th July, every year is celebrated as International Tiger Day.

Tigers are the largest species of the cat family and one of the most amazing creatures on this planet. There is a lot we do not know about these beasts who are on the verge of extinction. By being better informed we may be able to help increase their numbers.


To begin with I have listed 6 unusual facts about them below following it up with a fun crossword on the various species of tigers for you to solve and enjoy over a cuppa….


6 Facts on Tigers:


  • We all know that tigers have extremely powerful legs, but what we don’t know is that they are so strong that tigers can remain standing even when they are dead!! Crazy isn’t it!


  • Tigers love hunting using the element of surprise. By looking a tiger in his eyes you have conveyed to him that you know he is there. He has lost the surprise element and would probably walk away trying to find another meal to feast on. Due to this you will often find hunters in India wearing another face mask at the back of their head.


  • Tiger cubs are completely blind for the first week of their birth. Only half of them make it to adulthood.


  • Tigers are nicer than ferocious lions. Unlike lions who would fight the other till death over a kill, tigers often share their meal with the other tiger if in the same situation. If several tigers are present at a kill, the male tigers wait their turn and allow the females and cubs to eat first, again unlike the lions who do the opposite.


  • Tigers are excellent at imitating the call of other animals to attract prey.


  • Tigers have a brain that weighs over 300gm. They have the 2nd largest brain amongst carnivores.



International Tiger Day Crossword

Click below for the PDF version.

International Tiger Day Crossword


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