Minnie Mouse Lamp

Ashna is a 10 year old student. She has been writing for an international web based edutainment company for a year now.

She is a voracious reader with a passion for music, learning languages and playing sports like skating, soccer and swimming. Also in the pipeline is a novel she’s working on to be published sometime this year.


Hi Friends,

I had a project in school where we were asked to put together and create something new from materials we have at home. The project was called “Best Out of Waste”. So I looked up my store room and I saw this really nice white big round lamp shade, except that it was broken with a piece missing.

I decided to use it to make something for my project anyway, and thus started thinking what use I could make of it. Then I got an idea and you wouldn’t believe it, but I just made the coolest lamp ever! (pssst and I scored the highest in my project too :))

It is a Minnie Mouse!

Would you like to know how I made it? I am sure you do.

So let us get to work-


What you need:

  • A round lamp (I used one that was a bit broken on one side)
  • Black, red and gold colored acrylic paint
  • A piece of cardboard or any stiff paper for the ears
  • A red ribbon to make the bow (preferably red with white dots)
  • Modge Podge


Step- by- Step Guide:


  • My lamp was white, as they all originally are. (photos below)
  • Paint the lamp black all over and make sure no white is seen. Let the paint dry well.


  • Take the gold paint and paint a Minnie Mouse face outline on top of the black paint and fill in the gold, try to make sure the black paint does not show.


  • Once the paint has dries, draw the eyes, a nose and outline the mouth using black paint. Fill in the nose and eye balls.


  • Paint the tongue inside the mouth with red paint.


  • Put the rounded lamp aside to dry well. Now take the piece of cardboard or stiff paper, cut out the ears and paint it black on both sides. Once they are dry, stick them with tape or modge podge onto the top of the lamp on either sides.


  • Last but not the least, make a bow using the red ribbon and place it between the ears and a strip around the neck onto the stand of the lamp. I had a spare lace, which I placed below the ribbon strip to make it look like a dress.


  • Let everything dry completely.


And your most amazing Up-cycled Minnie Mouse lamp is ready!!

Put it up on a shelf as a great display piece especially for a children’s room or use it as a night lamp in the kids room.

I hope you enjoyed making this, as I totally did 🙂

Leave me a comment on how you like it. Bye and good luck with your piece.


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