5 Transparent Wild Animals

We must all have heard of animals that are different and unique in their own special way. But have you ever heard of transparent animals in the wild?

Not literally transparent but invisible to the naked eye…. These animals go transparent to protect themselves from predators.


I’m listing my top 5 in this category. Take a look……..

  • Transparent Snail

snailvia youtube

This snail has a beautiful dome shaped shell.

  • Costa Rican Tadpole

tadpolevia youtube

This tadpole has a see through skin by which we can see its neatly coiled intestines.

  • Juvenile Octopus


via youtube

This octopus is transparent with orange spots on it which change color to protect itself from predators.

  • Glass Frog

glass frog

They have a greenish tinge and are glassy in appearance. Their belly is transparent which displays their internal organs.

  • Glass Winged Butterfly


They are also called “Little Mirrors” in Spanish and these butterflies have transparent wings.

Hope you enjoyed this post!
















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