The Mysterious Boots


Ashna is a 10 year old student. She has been writing for an international web based edutainment company for a year now.

She is a voracious reader with a passion for music, learning languages and playing sports like skating, soccer and swimming. Also in the pipeline is a novel she’s working on to be published sometime this year.

I am happy and welcome Ashna to be a part of us, share some of her work and be a regular guest blogger for my webpage.


Hi Friends, let me introduce myself. I am Ashna. I am 10 years old and I have a lot of fun writing. I began writing almost a year back for a company, and now I am going to have fun with you.

Today I will share a story with you and I would love for you to complete it and give it an appropriate ending.

Let us begin-

Once upon a time there lived a girl who lived with her family in a small cottage near the woods. The girl’s name was Mary and her brother’s name was Jack. Mary was 9 years old.

She was very mischievous and was always playing pranks. Once she filled her younger brother’s shoes with mud, worms and small, sharp stones and she also exchanged her mother’s hair chalk with her dad’s shoe polish. Her family was tired and annoyed of her pranks but she would just not stop with her pranks.

One morning her mom woke up and looked for her jewellery to put on, all of her jewellery was missing. Her dad’s silver pocket watch and her brother’s mobile were missing too. Mary’s family thought that Mary had hidden all of those valuable things but Mary did not have anything to do with the missing things. In fact, Mary noticed her tablet and watch were also missing.

Later, while Jack was weeding the garden, he saw some big clumsy footprints on the wet mud. He ran and told Mary about it. Mary was certain that it was a thief who had stolen everything and those were his footprints. Jack asked his sister what made her think those foot prints were of a thief. She answered that those prints were too big for their family and the main door was shut, so the thief could have only entered from the back door which was wide open in the morning.

Jack and Mary decided to investigate and first made a list of who knew their house. They had no friends living close-by so couldn’t be the children. The baker, grocer, milkman and butcher knew them. And then the florist knew them because they ordered flowers every day for the table vase, their mom thought they looked pretty.

Next they had to figure out who had the chance to steal their things. They went to every one of their suspects and found out that none of them had the chance to steal. The butcher was out with the shepherd looking for meat the whole night. The baker was in the next village buying flour and was staying with his friend there for the night. The milkman had travelled to a nearby village in the night for a delivery. The grocer was out on a vacation with his family, and the florist was home with his family and friends.

After this discussion, Jack left for his class and Mary went into their room to think of their next step to find the thief. As she entered their room and sat on the bed, she saw something sticking out from behind the curtains. She went to take a closer look and saw a pair of big boots hidden there. They seemed to be the same size as the prints in the garden. When Jack came back home and saw Mary standing with the boots he gave her a guilty look.

Now…… What do you think Mary did next, on discovering it was her brother who stole all those things? I list some options for you to choose from,

  1. She explained to her brother that what he did was wrong and that he should tell their parents the truth


  1. She kept it a secret, only between herself and her brother


  1. She took blame for the episode


  1. She told her parents the truth about her brother

If you do not agree with any of the above or have a different twist you would like to give to this story, feel free to do so.

Write to us in the comment section and tell us your ending……. Bye!

Have fun writing and I shall see you soon!



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