DIY T-shirt Dress

Sounds funny does it? What’s a t- shirt dress…. Well it is putting a t-shirt and a shirt together to make it into a dress!!

I made 3 dresses using the step by step method mentioned below. Check out pictures of 2 amongst those…


I am sure we all have our favorites in clothing even though they do not fit us well anymore. That one shirt we love which belongs to either our brother, father, boyfriend or husband.

Time to grab THAT very shirt and make it yours!!


Check out how below


Things needed


  • A t-shirt, (can be fitted or a comfort fit, ideally a solid color)


  • Thread and needle to sew or a sewing machine


  • An oversized/ loose shirt (print and color that matches the t-shirt)


  • Scissor



  1. Measure the length of the t-shirt, it could either be till the high waist or normal waist (depending on your body structure. I cut mine till my high waist :)) mark 2 inches extra to cut and sew.


  1. Now take the shirt, fold the neck and sleeves on the inside (as those will be cut off) and place it below the t- shirt from just below the shirt sleeves. Measure your waist and hips and make sure you measure and alter the shirt to your size so it fits well.


  1. Measure the length right from the shoulder of the t-shirt to the bottom end of the shirt, this will be the length of your dress. Check and mark it according to how short you would like it to be (I preferred mine to be just below knee length).


  1. Once you are sure of the markings, cut the t- shirt and the shirt where marked.


  1. Using sewing pins put the two pieces together and sew it by hand or on a sewing machine. Alternatively, you can even put an elastic to make it fitted.


Viola!!! Your DIY Dress is ready to wear on a day out with friends.


P.S.- Accessorize it by wearing a belt over the elastic or joint to make it chic.

Most shirts have a pocket in front, you can choose to remove it, add some sequins or a different patch, to make it funky or let it remain (like I did).

Time to step out in style wearing one of your own designs!!! Looks trendy to me! What do you think of it?














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