What effect does climate change have on wildlife conservation?

We all agree to the basic principle that the existence of wildlife is absolutely crucial to our planet. There are however a few things that maintain the balance of wildlife species, like habitat, places to raise their young ones, food resources, the right temperatures and fresh water.

Our abundant and diverse resources are in jeopardy due to the threat it faces from the changing climate. Factors like food resources, right temperatures, their natural habitat and fresh water are all factors the wildlife depend on for their health and survival. Not just the wildlife species, but places and people’s livelihood also depend on these factors and we all face a bleak future if we do not address these issues affected by climate change soon.

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Take a look at the ways climate change has impacted the species:

  • Burning fossil fuels especially coal is extremely harmful to the atmosphere. Burning coal releases 70% more carbon dioxide than the other natural gases.
  • Higher water temperatures cause a population decline for the sensitive species like the trout, salmon, coral and pikas which require cold water to survive.
  • Melting snow, sea ice and glaciers that provide a natural habitat to polar bears and other ice dependent species, removes their hunting ground.
  • More storms and floods increase soil erosion reducing the water quality and damaging the aquatic habitat.
  • Severe droughts stress the wildlife, as the plants on which they depend for food and shelter get killed. They are deprived of water resources.
  • Rising sea levels, changes in the salinity and flooding of the coastal areas leaves the fish and other wildlife without a place to feed, breed or raise their offspring.
  • Climate change leads to mismatches in plant and animal interactions. Birds and pollinating insects arrive to find seeds and flowering plants hatched, bloomed too early or not at all.
  • Milder winters cause the food to spoil, so animals that depend on that food to survive the winter are left without any.

I’m sure looking at all of the above you would now be able to see why we need to address this matter,….. the impact it has on our environment and species and the significant action that is required to stop the damage being done.

Something to be thought about…


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